Cybersecurity, patch and endpoint management, licence compliance, network intrusion monitoring — just a few of the solutions you can outsource to us, saving you time and money, while freeing up your IT Team to add strategic value.

We can transform your business infrastructure with our simple, agile, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective digital business solutions.

Respectfully, we suggest you stick to your knitting.

Seriously, you have enough to worry about without the stress of keeping your mission critical business applications and ICT infrastructure available, optimised and resilient.

A framework to support you, your way

Our managed applications ICT adoption framework delivers tailored solutions in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Importantly, we have the ability to back this with the InfoSec ISO27001 framework in conjunction with a 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). Which means peace of mind, guaranteed.

Our framework allows us to deliver real savings and service improvement. We use our own unified IT to deliver a range of support options to address your specific business needs. These include service desk, service delivery management, break/fix and maintenance, cyber security applications, Office365 management, email management and data back-up.  

Our SaaS offerings are delivered by our managed applications team who provide 24/7 back-end support for key business solutions including ERP, CRM and HCM.

We also offer service desk outsourcing and technology logistics applications for projects that require equipment moved or replaced with the minimum of business disruption.

Outsourced managed applications

Are you focused on freeing up your internal IT team so they can fully concentrate on adding deep value to the enterprise?

Ask us how we can commoditise the ‘black box’ of user and workstation support. 

By adopting Fusion5 managed applications and ICT frameworks, your business risk and costs are reduced, and you save time and effort. So, you can go back to doing what you do best (and we’re sure that’s not really knitting).

Support helpdesk

IT 'anything' management - asset, licensing, service, security and operations management in a single framework

Operating system and application patch management

Endpoint management for workstations, mobiles and devices

Cybersecurity applications, such as in- and out-bound email scanning, Microsoft Office 365 security, digital rights management, and whitelisting

Network intrusion monitoring

Asset discovery and license compliance

Cloud infrastructure

The cost of managing and maintaining your own on-premise hardware and cloud infrastructure can rapidly escalate. Assigning an internal resource to look after your server and relying on external partners to honour performance warranties when things go wrong can be an expensive exercise in lost productivity through untimely outages.

Not only does an employee need to have specific technical expertise to maintain your hardware, but the ability to keep on top of cloud infrastructure. And they need to understand and apply all the security precautions and protocols required to keep your business safe — around the clock. That’s a big ask.

So, it’s not surprising that outsourcing the management and care of your cloud infrastructure is invariably a less expensive option than keeping it in-house.


Cloud infrastructure by Fusion5

Our highly experienced managed services team can manage your operating system and network services for you. If it’s anything to do with service infrastructure – we can do it.

We don’t care if your cloud infrastructure is on-premise (in your offices or inside a data centre somewhere) or if you’re using a public cloud such as Azure or Amazon Web Services. Our team can provision, secure and manage your new (or even existing) infrastructure.

We are partners with both Microsoft and Amazon, so we have access to significant expertise and support. We offer 24/7 support staff at locations across Australia and New Zealand.


Database Administrators

Are your applications (especially the large ones like JD Edwards) running more slowly now compared with when they were all shiny and new? Perhaps your screens are taking too long to load, your applications are randomly going offline, files failing to back up or data disappearing?

It’s all about cause and effect. Everything to do with your front-end applications is stored in your database. And if not managed correctly, the size of your database can quickly get out of hand, impede the performance of your business-critical applications and have a massive, negative impact on your end-users and business.

Database administration is a specialised area and requires constant and dedicated attention.

Without a dedicated in-house DBA, it’s likely you’ll struggle to manage your database effectively, or you may even mistakenly assume it will be taken care of by the application consultants.

Database Administrators by Fusion5

Outsourcing your DBA function will keep your database fighting fit.

Our DBA team focus on managing and supporting SQL Server, Oracle DB, and Ingres DB with services including database indexing and management. They ensure you’re getting the most out of the business-critical applications that rely on your database.

Chosen for their high levels of proficiency, knowledge and expertise, our DBAs are always up-to-date with the latest technologies (and versions) from major providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Avolin.

Why not get a health check?

Most of the time, we get called in when businesses have actually experienced data loss and sadly, it’s an emergency. Never a good look.

Why not take a proactive approach?

If your data isn’t being backed up properly, your applications are running slowly, or your database just needs fine tuning, contact us. We can perform a health check on your database to identify and resolve issues before they become significant problems, and at the same time help you strengthen your disaster recovery and security posture.

24/7 NOC: Network Operations

Looking after your own infrastructure is a major commitment — and an even bigger business risk.

Internal resources are entitled to holidays, sick days and weekends like the rest of us, so even with backup, it’s hard to achieve reliable, proactive round-the-clock monitoring and support.

24/7 NOC by Fusion5

Outsourcing your infrastructure care and support is affordable and efficient.With our always-on NOC services, you can rest easy.

Our NOC team use sophisticated monitoring software which provides us with real-time alerts and dashboards. If there’s a problem with your infrastructure environment, we know about it immediately, and can allocate a technical application consultant to get you back on track. Day, or night.

We have dedicated technical consultants based in Australia and New Zealand. With their wide range of skills across multiple technologies, our consultants support nearly every business app, as well as your hardware and virtualisation layer.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations

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