JDE has also proved to be a trusted partner when it comes to supplying coffee machines, ingredients and professional services to a wide range of enterprises. From restaurants and theatres to hospitals and universities, JDE Professional solutions make sure guests, employees and visitors always get their favourite warm beverage.

Running out of steam

The Australian and New Zealand divisions of JDE use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and service the thousands of coffee machines they hire out to cafés, restaurants and businesses. To keep the orders rolling out to thirsty people, service technicians need to be on hand to carry out routine and emergency maintenance. Having service staff waiting in the office to get the details they needed for each job was costing the company money. The technicians needed to be armed with information such as the customer’s name and address, contact details, the machine details (including previous services undertaken) and the description of the job required.

Information ‘to go’

JDE were looking for a solution that would save them both time and money.  They needed a simple but effective way of alerting technicians about upcoming job assignments, and keep them moving efficiently between jobs.

“The main objective was to keep the technicians on the road and not sitting around in the office which essentially costs money,” said Daniel Hardcastle, General Manager for JDE Australia & New Zealand.

Speeding up the turn-around time for customers would mean a faster service, tailored to individual needs and with great follow up.  Daniel said JDE wanted the technicians to update details about the machines and customers immediately, while still on the job site – not a day or two later – and feed this information straight back to the office.

The perfect brew

JDE decided that enhancing their existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best way to achieve the outcomes they wanted. JDE’s CRM partner was Fusion5, and the ongoing relationship was a sound and reliable one.

Fusion5 stepped up the challenge immediately, suggesting that upgrading the whole system with the addition of the Resco Mobile CRM would cut paperwork to the bare minimum and speed up recording and updating processes. JDE were swayed by the promise that Resco Mobile was not only easy to implement, but also incredibly easy to use.  With JDE staff already familiar with Microsoft Dynamics, Fusion5 expected the new tools to be adopted quickly and with little or no extra staff training.

Top view of a Jacobs Douwe Egberts coffee Top view of a Jacobs Douwe Egberts coffee

With an almost 45% increase in completed jobs per technician, per day, it’s a great leap forward

Daniel Hardcastle, General Manager for JDE Australia & New Zealand

Instant results

With the solution in place, JDE‘s team of service technicians throughout New Zealand and Australia now respond to service requests anywhere, and at any time. Maintenance jobs are scheduled through Dynamics CRM in the back office, and then picked up by the technicians using the Resco app on their smartphones. It works for all the jobs being assigned, whether they’re regularly scheduled services, new installs, urgent tasks, or standard repairs. Each technician can access all the information they need for every job: from the client’s contact information, to the previous repairs’ overview.

Once the job is completed it’s a simple matter for the technicians to use their mobile devices to capture detailed information about what was needed, when it was done and how long it took. They can also record useful information about customers and machines that might need updating (such as parts used, serial numbers and potential issues for the future), and they can schedule follow up steps, if required.

Fresh, fast data

As soon as the service technicians switched to Dynamics CRM with Resco Mobile, JDE noticed a dramatic increase in their productivity and an improvement in the company’s CRM data quality. 

“The service technicians are completing more jobs per day, since Resco Mobile CRM enables them to easily capture information without spending a great deal of time doing so. With an almost 45% increase in completed jobs per technician, per day, it’s a great leap forward,” said Daniel.

The fresh data is then automatically synced to JDE’s Dynamics CRM and is available to back office staff to analyse and pass on. Not only are the JDE sales teams using the data to better target customers’ needs, sales staff are also using Resco Mobile themselves, looking up information on accounts and contacts when they’re out of the office.

Mobile and ‘appy

Resco Mobile CRM has a modern, intuitive user interface, making it easy to use. Whether the job is planned in advance or a last minute service visit, technicians are notified straight after the assignment is made back in the office. Their mobile devices receive all the information related to that particular job immediately.

And on top of that, Resco Mobile gives them additional value-added features. For example, they can take a picture documenting the repair and attach it directly to the record – all from within the app.

“The technicians have the app open on their phones all day. Simply put, if it wasn’t easy to use, or didn’t make the job easier for the technicians, they wouldn’t use it.”

Dan Lorimer, CRM Consultant at Fusion5

Uninterrupted service

Full offline functionality is an essential requirement in a tool for JDE service technicians. They could be operating anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, including areas where the internet connection can be unstable or even entirely unavailable.

That’s no problem for Resco Mobile, because all the information the technicians need is available on their device as soon as the job is allocated.  That means technicians have full access and full functionality whether they have an internet connection at the job site or not.  And as soon as they get back in range, everything they recorded is uploaded and sent on its way back to the office.

Fully configurable, constantly evolving

JDE is delighted that the app can be configured exactly to suit their needs. For example, the general processes differ slightly between New Zealand and Australia operations. Fusion5 simply altered the Resco Mobile CRM setup to match the preferred methods in both countries.

Additionally, both JDE and Fusion5 appreciate the way Resco Mobile is being constantly enhanced. Resco releases useful and improved functionality on an ongoing basis, plus four major updates every year. This means Fusion5 can offer continuous improvements to their solution and boost JDE’s staff productivity even further.

Smarter service on the menu

The advantages from the Resco Mobile CRM upgrade haven’t stopped at increased productivity and a quicker and more effective flow of information. The JDE service team is currently transitioning from their old and outdated Samsung devices with Android, and onto Microsoft Lumia smartphones with Windows 10. This is easy and issue-free with Resco Mobile. Once the task of configuring the project is completed, it can be deployed at the click of a button across all JDE’s mobile platforms - Android, Windows or iOS - without any extra effort or costs.

JDE has also recently created new processes for appointments, phone calls and scheduling meetings for their sales teams.

Already fans of the Resco Mobile, sales staff are looking forward to the roll out in the very near future.  

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