If you’re not open for business 24/7, your competitors will be.

With 74% of B2B buyers doing their purchasing research online, and 30% buying at least half of their work purchases online, you can’t afford to miss out. 

And with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce’s B2B customisable e-commerce functionality, you won’t. 

From seamless partner onboarding to self-service purchasing, distributed order management, buyer access to statements, invoices, and payment options, through to account-based promotions – it’s business-to-business anywhere, any industry, and anytime, made easy. And with native integration to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as well as Sales and Customer Service, every interaction is captured.

Reduce admin time by empowering customers to create and manage their own accounts

Delight customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders

Enable dynamic pricing based on customer-specific volumes, discounts, or agreements

Customise or restrict product or service availability by customer or location

What can Dynamics 365 Commerce (B2B) do for your business, and your customers?

Omnichannel capabilities:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce enables businesses to provide a seamless shopping experience across various channels, including online stores, physical stores, call centers, and mobile applications. It allows customers to browse and purchase products through multiple touchpoints.

Product catalog management:

The platform allows businesses to manage and maintain their product catalog, including creating and organising product categories, defining attributes and variants, setting pricing and discounts, and managing inventory levels.

Order management:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce provides order management functionalities that enable businesses to efficiently process orders, handle order fulfillment and logistics, manage order returns and exchanges, and track order status.

Pricing and promotions:

The solution supports flexible pricing strategies, allowing businesses to define and manage different pricing tiers, volume discounts, contract pricing, and special promotions. It enables businesses to create personalized pricing agreements for specific B2B customers.

Customer management:

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides tools to manage customer data, profiles, and preferences. It allows businesses to segment their customers, offer personalized experiences, track customer interactions, and maintain a comprehensive view of each customer's history.

Self-service portals:

The platform offers self-service capabilities, allowing B2B customers to access their accounts, view order history, track shipments, manage payment methods, and initiate returns or exchanges.

Integration with back-office systems:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can be integrated with other Microsoft business applications, such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, to ensure seamless data flow between front-end commerce operations and back-office processes.

Analytics and reporting:

The solution provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into sales performance, customer behavior, inventory levels, and other key metrics. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their B2B commerce operations.

Extensibility and customisation:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce allows businesses to extend and customize the platform to meet their specific B2B requirements. It provides development tools and APIs to integrate with third-party systems, build custom functionality, and tailor the solution to unique business needs.

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