Go Healthy proudly claims the title of New Zealand’s leading supplements brand. But as they looked to expand into new territories and consolidate their operations, they knew that implementing a robust and effective ERP would be the lynchpin securing their future across both sides of the Tasman. Working against a tight deadline, Go Healthy – and their umbrella company New Zealand Health Manufacturing – needed a solution that would cater to their business size and bring together the Australian and New Zealand centres, and their manufacturing, to one coherent system. 

Fusion5 (formerly Liberate I.T.) worked alongside Go Healthy to introduce NetSuite into their brand and ensure they could launch with their new, more process-driven ERP with time to spare. And the results have been impressive. Group IT Manager Shaun Veldman, who came on board on the cusp of the integration, shares how NetSuite has changed Go Healthy. 

Why Go Healthy chose NetSuite ERP

The last decade has seen additional opportunities for the growing Go Healthy brand, including the development of Go Healthy Australia, the establishment of their manufacturing division for increasingly vertical integration, and the need to consolidate their international operations. The challenge, as Veldman sees it, was the need to have a common platform across the three businesses. And that meant operating in the cloud. 

“One platform was on the existing premises, one was cloud-based, but we’d grown beyond its limitations. And Australia didn’t yet exist! We needed a recognised system that would work across the businesses that could be quickly implemented in Australia.”

Shaun Veldman | Group IT Manager

Go Healthy worked with a consultancy firm that knew and trusted that NetSuite could deliver a true cloud strategy. NetSuite could be customised to Go Healthy’s needs, minimising barriers to growth and scalability and reducing unnecessary costs and admin time.  

Winning with NetSuite

Within a short time of transitioning their operations to NetSuite, Go Healthy knew they were onto a winner.

“The new NetSuite manufacturing module developed allowed us to become more process driven,” says Veldman. “Our previous solution’s steps were out of order, so it created a lot more work at the other end. NetSuite enabled us to focus on proper throughput – it’s helped us reflect on and improve our manufacturing processes too.” 

One of the big wins for the New Zealand branch has been the “massive improvements” to the shipping and scanning for the business, which has had flow-on effects to customers, including batch traceability and documentation. Add to that the EDI interface between NetSuite and Go Healthy’s third-party logistics suppliers that enabled them to transfer orders directly to the supplying arm and file the invoice back, and the project has been considered a “big success.”

Now, rather than manually bringing in data from three disparate systems, NetSuite’s streamlined accounting processes have enabled Go Healthy to halve the time spent reconciling financial information.  

By utilising a scalable cloud solution, Go Healthy has been able to fast-track its ambitious growth plans. Despite the tight timeframe, the business was successfully established and fully operational with NetSuite by the launch of the Australian brand. 

From Go Healthy to you: What you need to know if you’re considering NetSuite 

Close up of grass Close up of grass

“NetSuite is the right size for a lot of NZ businesses – and especially for those who are expanding. The alternatives out there might be well suited for 1000s of employees, but it’s the SMEs that are the ones who make up the bulk – and the ones who need something both powerful and adaptable.”

Sunflowers Sunflowers

“We were in a formative position as far as our processes were concerned, so we really benefited from their flexibility and the way they helped us get the answers we needed.” 

Manufacturing Manufacturing

“They were adaptive, easy to work with, and very accommodating. Once you see it in action, you quickly learn how powerful NetSuite is and what you can do with it.”

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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