Data management, business visibility and reporting are at the heart of good decision making – but siloed systems, slow saved searches, irrelevant reports, and disparate sources of truth get in the way.

Most NetSuite users consolidate their business data within large and complex Excel spreadsheets, or in third-party analytics apps. The problem with these solutions is that they’re often costly in terms of time and resources, and don’t always give you good access to historical data.

In this webinar recording, we introduce you to NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, and show you how it can give you greater business visibility and actionable insights, so your decisions have better outcomes.

In this webinar recording we cover:

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW) Overview
  • Common challenges faced by customers
  • What’s included Out of the Box
  • Demo
    • Leveraging upon pre-built content for board pack reporting
    • Leveraging upon Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to optimise and streamline reporting
    • Art of the possible


Visualise multiple data sources in one place with NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

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