Learn how to uncover your business' blind spots

Typically, the tools which provide that wide-angle view: financial management, CRM, and business analytics platforms, have previously been a luxury only affordable by much larger enterprises, but not anymore!  

In this webinar our expert panel will open your eyes up to NetSuite and how it’s range of options for growing businesses such as yours will remove those blind spots!

We also have a live customer interview Renee Jordaan, Finance Manager, Harcourts Coopers & Co; a leading Australasian Real Estate Company where she touches on what NetSuite has done for their business, and advice she can offer to other SMBs.

See NetSuite in action

Here’s what you will learn from the webinar:
  • How to check your core

You will learn how NetSuite can give you visibility into core disciplines such as: CRM/Marketing, Business Operations and eCommerce disciplines so that you gain a single, holistic view of your business.

  • Keep your data alive

The faster the market moves, the faster data from your operations becomes outdated. NetSuite not only provides real-time streams of data from the operations you monitor - but also consolidates those streams in dashboards that are easy to understand, and base decisions on.

  • Stay watchful all the time

Real-time data can make a huge difference to decision-making, but it won’t really help SMB owners unless they have 24/7 access to it via the right financial management platform, so you are act upon operational insights.


Rethink your business blind spots - read our whitepaper to find out more!

NetSuite Rethink your Blindspots Whitepaper
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