While the term ‘one size fits all’ may strike fear (and doubt) into your heart, with NetSuite it’s true!

Our team addresses the key factors to scaling your business regardless of your size and industry. We talk through how a comprehensive accounting core can improve and increase your efficiency and visibility as you grow and evolve; and ultimately eliminate those ineffective and costly manual processes and vulnerable, disparate systems. Speakers include:

  • Joel Mikkelsen – Sales Manager, NetSuite
  • Gavin Neels – Solutions Architect, NetSuite

Key topics covered:

  • Putting your needs first: Having the ability to create the most efficient process for you, rather than creating a business process around what your current ERP system can ― and can’t ― do!
  • Rethinking your business strategy: You’ve determined your business strategy based on the limited information from your restrictive ERP system. But you suspect you’re only getting a part or the big picture. Now what?
  • Embracing integration goodness: Your ERP system/software doesn’t integrate across your business operations, so it becomes a manual task of getting the systems to “talk” to each other. Hands up if you think that’s good enough!
  • Saying goodbye to manual errors and input: Things are slipping through the net ― unnecessary duplication arises due to manual reconciliation and processes creating a large margin for human error. Time to move on!
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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