Dear CFO, 

So, like nearly every other CFO in town you're looking to transform your business, yes? A huge investment in time and money. And right now, you’re potentially experiencing excitement and fear in equal measure.

Finding the right partner for your journey to digital transformation is of critical importance. Now, we know a bit about partnering and the fact that we support over 800 companies across New Zealand and Australia is a bit of a thumbs up for us. So here’s some unsolicited advice.

  1. Looks count. Partner with an organisation that’s invested in creating an amazing brand and image. One at the forefront of their industry, whose performance is recognised by peers and customers. Their solutions will go the distance and deliver an enduring ROI.
  2. Love matters. Choose someone you enjoy working with. It’s a long-term commitment, so your corporate ideals, culture and approach need to mesh. Don’t undervalue the importance of trust and confidence built through robust and honest dialogues. Make sure they ‘get’ you, and the business outcomes you stake your reputation on.
  3. Celebrate differences. Find out what makes your partner stand out from the rest. Understand the competitive advantages their unique vision and distinct style will bring to your organisation.
  4. Do a background check. There’s no room for compromise when it’s your organisation’s future. Even if it is love at first sight, exercise your natural caution and check out their previous relationships. This is especially obvious when we play in the New Zealand pond where you are only as good as your last engagement, and CFOs regularly move companies.
  5. Expect a relationship with benefits. It’s not just having the right software. You need a partner with the services and solutions to build the cloud capability of your organisation. To leverage your time, people and money today, and in the future.
  6. Money doesn’t equal happiness. It’s not all about price. A world-class software vendor gives you value through initial and ongoing services. Expect a viable business case, one that makes sense and is sustainable.
  7. Settle for more. Don’t accept less than a fully integrated solution from your partner. Refuse to get locked in to a specific version or be held back with unnecessarily complicated integrations. Insist on a solution that’s flexible, scalable, simple to use and easy to understand.
  8. Think of your family. Your people are important. You want to keep them in your business and make them happy. You’ll want to give them world-class tools that support their day-to-day tasks wherever they are. Make sure alerts, reminders and dashboards, easily configurable workflows and industrial strength data security are the minimum your partner is offering.
  9. Commit. Be sure to choose a partner with a demonstrated capability and track record in delivering world-class solutions — professionally and efficiently — time and time again. Their people are fully certified, have relevant industry experience, and can draw on extra expertise whenever needed.
  10. Live happy ever after. The perfect partner is the one who’ll transform your data, provide proactive account management, and exceed your business expectations. Find The One offering the quality and value you deserve, and you’ll sign on that dotted line happily and with confidence.

You want your partnership and transformation project to net you a sweet outcome right? We pride ourselves on being a great partner for business transformation journeys. You have our number. Give us a call.

Love and peace.

Lisa Nicks
General Manager Sales NZ

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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