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Over the last few years, Tenon Manufacturing’s Taupo operation has had a Health & Safety (H&S) focus to improve its processes across the organisation. A couple of years ago they committed to the Zero Harm forum. 

Fusion5 has been working with Tenon Manufacturing since 2009 when PayGlobal was chosen as their preferred HRIS. HR Manager, Gary Newland, together with IT Manager Tracey Creighton, recount their implementation story of PayGlobal’s Health & Safety solution.

“As our existing system was undergoing re-development and the support model was changing, we took the opportunity to assess a number of different solutions in the marketplace. We required a system that was easier to use, easier to report from and could be modified to suit our unique requirements. After assessing alternative solutions our decision was to implement PayGlobal Exolvo H&S. We were already using the PayGlobal Exolvo payroll application and had started to roll out the Self Service across Tenon Manufacturing. It made absolute sense given we had all our employee information already in the PayGlobal Exolvo solution, therefore integration capability was inherent. 

Tenon Manufacturing Tenon Manufacturing

The value of having Fusion5 involved in implementing H&S at Tenon Manufacturing was very much around the consultants' knowledge and the added value of their experience in delivering H&S solutions.


Immediate Improvements

“We have already found in a short time that by using PayGlobal we have better reporting, an easier system to use, better flow of information and we can change the way the system records very easily, if required to do so.

”Our supervisors, managers and some employees can enter and update new hazards online as they become aware of them. We are now able to deliver graphical dashboard reporting to our COO and the Board.”

Tracey talked about the measure of success for this project, which has been the quick and easy adoption of the new technology by the users. The best feedback has been comments around “it is quick, easy, simple, clean and fresh.” Overall, for Tenon it is “right size, right fit—better, bigger and sharper.” She adds, “One of the most challenging aspects of HR projects is the profit return. With the H&S project, this is reflected in the return of resource time back to the company and the core business. It takes less time to get what we need from an H&S perspective with PayGlobal Exolvo.”

“What we like about PayGlobal Exolvo H&S is the ability to change and format the solution for the organisation as circumstances and demands for output changes. The value of having Fusion5 involved in implementing H&S at Tenon Manufacturing was very much around the consultant’s knowledge and the added value of their experience in delivering H&S solutions.”


Positive reception at the top

Recently the new H&S solution was presented to the Executive Management team who were keen to know that Reporting and Assurance would be delivered. The PayGlobal H&S solution has already had a positive impact.  The Chairman of the Board was enthusiastic about the output and suggested that similar capability would be useful to their Australian and United States operations.

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