We’ve worked with many businesses to turn their data governance strategies into tangible business value. Along the way, we’ve gathered practical insights around developing and launching a data governance programme that will accelerate your business towards success.
Becky Blackshaw, Consulting Manager for Data & Analytics dives into the world of data governance and shows how organisations can achieve strategy realisation to maximise their data governance investments and minimise the risk of data breaches.
Becky Blackshaw, Consulting Manager: Data & Analytics, Fusion5
Becky leads the Data & Analytics Consultants team at Fusion5. She works closely with customers and the team to ensure quality delivery and expectations are met. 
Becky has a long history in Data & Analytics having worked for a number of businesses around the world providing solutions. She delights in continuous improvement and agility for the difference it brings.
Prior to Fusion5, she was General Manager: Data & Analytics for Downer Group. Becky’s highlights included establishing the Centre of Excellence for Data & Analytics for Downer Group, delivering their data strategy and roadmap as well as enterprise and operational data warehouses. Her teams included Graphical Information Systems, Collaboration (Power Platform) and the Data Engineers.
This recording covers:
  • How to set a data governance strategy and vision that empowers key stakeholders and promotes alignment across your organisation
  • The key components of data governance initiatives and what steps to take to cultivate sustained success in your organisation
  • Assigning roles and KPIs to the right people to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and their input is well-received
  • How Fusion5 works with organisations to help them unlock new business opportunities through effective data governance while ensuring their data is kept secure, compliant and confidential.
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