Have trustworthy data and the tools for great decision making in less than a quarter

You need data you can trust and an FP&A solution that delivers the ability to make great decisions. And you don’t want that to take all year, or cost you the earth.  

Our experienced specialists have developed Fast Start, to help you get the core tools and benefits you need much more quickly than a traditional deployment.  

Just choose the best-practice pre-built model that best fits your needs, and we’ll speed you to success.  

How does Fast Start work?

After delivering close to 100 deployments of Workday Adaptive Planning across Australia and New Zealand, we identified commonalities applicable to almost all the organisations we’ve worked with - irrespective of industry or vertical.

We took those commonalities and turned them into pre-tested, fully documented models that we can deploy in a drag-and-drop interface. Each best practice Fast Start solution comes with pre-built reports and can be deployed at a fixed price and scope.

You choose the one that suits your requirements, and we do the rest.

What's included with 'Fast Start'?

The core ‘Fast Start’ contains a group of business models that are ready to be implemented, without customisation:

Financial model Capex
Sales and revenue Allocations
Salary and wages Travel model
Opex expenses Balance sheet
IT vendor schedule Debt / convenant
Prepayment / contracts Cash flow statement
IFRS 16 leases  

Need extra functionality?

We can customise these modules for you: 

Complex workforce planning

Complex sales, revenue and cost of sales Pipeline projects / Opportunities

Business benefits

No risk investment or unaligned expectations

See and understand what you’re getting upfront, with minimal gaps, fixed costs, and no nasty surprises! 

Fear-free, low-disruption implementation 

You can have complete confidence in our significant Workday Adaptive Planning experience. We’ve got this.  

Fast time to value 

A streamlined implementation which optimises your business processes means you’re up and running and making money-saving decisions faster! 

On-demand extensions 

Need a bit more? You can preview a solution extension and decide if it will add the value you expect.  

Keen to find out more? Complete our form below and our team will be in touch with you shortly!

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Fast Start your way to low-risk Financial Planning & Analysis

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