Has your business outgrown WorkflowMax, and is ready for a fully-featured ERP?

If you came here looking for a free trial or demo, like all the other WorkflowMax alternatives - sorry. An ERP is a mature and rich solution that can't be "trialed" in 60 days or demonstrated in 60 seconds.

An ERP is not an "off the rack" coat - it's a couture, "fitted for you" solution that will last you for many years to come.

Want to know more about how an ERP could be the right step for your organisation's digital evolution?

Fill out the form to book an obligation free 30 minutes consultation with one of our ERP experts.

Why choose an ERP system as a WorkflowMax alternative?

Staying keen and lean, maintaining transparency with clients, and avoiding project blowouts is hard work for any business, especially if you have multiple data dependencies. 

Unlike WorkflowMax, an ERP solution is your golden ticket to better visibility, control, and efficiency – across every aspect of your business.

An ERP isn’t a niche application that needs to be integrated with other software, but a true end-to-end solution that delivers everything you need in one place. Costs are simplified, upgrades are automatic, and you only need to rely on one vendor.

Adapt to change with agility

An ERP system gives you the ability to think on your feet and rapidly adapt to changing market needs, plus the confidence to act! With trustworthy, real-time data at your fingertips, you can make changes quickly, and monitor the results as you go.

Beef up your business efficiency

The right ERP system will make your business more efficient and productive. Access to real-time anywhere/anytime data and insights of the entire organisation enables you to make better and faster decisions – improving your bottom line and ability to compete.

Streamline and grow your operations effortlessly

When you leverage inbuilt automation and AI to eliminate wasted time and duplicated manual effort, your business will run like the well-oiled, efficient machine you’ve always dreamed about.

Simplify your vendor management

Say goodbye to multiple technology vendors and integrations. Work with a single vendor that truly knows and understands your business.

Reduce costs, eliminate noise

Why pay to integrate several applications together to do the work of one? With an ERP, you can automate tasks, leverage consolidated data, and enjoy a wide breadth of intelligent functionality and reporting without leaving the one application.

Choose an experienced partner

Fusion5 is more than just a reseller or implementation partner. We focus on people, processes, and outcomes that your organisation will value.

Work with an experienced technology partner

We've already transitioned a number of businesses from WorkflowMax customers onto ERP, and they're thriving.

We realise that when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, it's not a case of 'one size fits all'. That's why we have a range of solutions, and a large team of experts with industry specific experience delivering ERP projects across New Zealand and Australia. 

Our track record of implementing ERP solutions that genuinely improve business performance is acknowledged not only by our satisfied customers, but also by our ERP technology partners: Microsoft and Oracle.


Find out 8 reasons why WorkflowMax users trade-up to an ERP system.

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