We are also joined by guest speakers from Microsoft to take a deep dive into their Government automation blueprint addressing:

  1. Improving employee productivity and efficiency
  2. Improving customer services by delivering better citizen and stakeholder outcomes
  3. Making it easier to capture and utilise data to continuously improve

At every level of government, there is a growing pressure to find smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective ways to work. To serve more citizens with less.This event is a great opportunity to hear firsthand from your peers how they are looking to achieve this and their journey during the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, how it has addressed their pain points and what advice they would give to other Local Councils considering undergoing a similar implementation.

Q&A Panelists:

Paul Griffin – General Manager – Fusion5.

Priyanka Morjaria – Project Manager – Manningham City Council.

Phillip Matthews – CEC Consultant – Fusion5.

James Mather – Solutions Specialist - Microsoft 

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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