Why do you need Integration as a Service?

If you've got core business solutions and applications in your business that rely on an uninterrupted bilateral or multilateral flow of information and data in order to operate effectively, you'll need an integration solution to help them talk to each other.

Whether your applications are on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both, integrating these applications will enable you to manage, update, govern, and activate them to provide secure, end-to-end optimisation of value extraction that will maximise your investments.

Integration as a Service (IaaS) vs Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Integration as a Service 

Integration as a Service is a subscription based service which creates (and maintains) integrations for you which enable applications that are hosted in different environments (on premises, public cloud, private cloud) to work together via a cloud service delivery model. 

Fusion5's Integration as a Service solution is called Campfire. Campfire is a complete code-based, fully managed integration service. Similar to Integration Platform as a Service, Campfire connects any applications whether they're cloud-based or on premises, and is able to integrate legacy based systems which may not have native APIs available on standard iPaaS solutions.

Campfire is ideal for businesses that don't have the inhouse expertise or resource to manage the building and maintenace of integrations. This fully managed integration service provides standard connectors for the most common enterprise software, and provides the added benefit of Campfire's Cognitive Services AI which detects problems which are often invisible to other integration services, or, are lost amongst lengthy error logs. In addition, Campfire provides Active Triage of failed tasks, allowing you to recreate the problematic event within the browser.  

Integration Platform as a Service 

iPaaS is a collection of automated tools that connect software applications that are hosted and/or deployed in disconnected environments.  For example, integrating applications and data that are on premises and in both private and public clouds.

Typically when you invest in an iPaaS solution, you are responsible for building your own integrations using the platform interface.  The 'plug and play' nature of iPaaS solutions means they are broadly 'DIY' - including integration testing, troubleshooting, and support.  Depending on the platform chosen, there can also be additional costs to ensure 'real-time' integrations.

iPaaS solutions are an excellent choice for businesses with standardised cloud applications that are easy to connect to, and who want to be responsible for managing their integrations.  

Fusion5 partners with Gartner acclaimed, award-winning iPaaS provider Jitterbit to bring you a flexible, simple, self-managed integration solution with the backing of the Fusion5 team to support you into success. 

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