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While achieving ISO accreditation required a considerable commitment from the business in terms of time and resources, Melissa Iemmola, Director Professional Services (Australia) for Fusion5, says the effort was well worthwhile.

“Gaining ISO 9001 accreditation means our customers can be confident that when we make a promise, we can and will keep it. It assures them that they will always receive the highest standard of project delivery and services. And critically, it guarantees consistently successful business outcomes. Nothing is left to chance. With ISO behind us, Fusion5 customers know they will always get real value from their investment.”

Melissa Iemmola | Director Professional Services (Australia), Fusion5

For Fusion5, achieving ISO 9001 took six months of recording, documenting, analysing, and agreeing all implementation processes across its business pillars — from CRM, to ERP, to payroll and more.

Iemmola says that given the effort and investment required, ISO 9001 accreditation is usually only achievable by larger (than Fusion5) business consultancies who offer enterprise and government customers a QMS certified service. “If you look at who else has ISO 9001 accreditation in the Australasian business solutions market, we’re in good company. And it certainly raises the bar for other technology partners who can’t promise their customers a consistent implementation process or outcome.”

Growing gains, not pains

The significant growth of Fusion5 across Australia and New Zealand means the business needed to focus tightly on its ability to successfully measure and maintain the quality control of its deliverables. And taking on ISO proved the perfect way to do this.

“Working through the steps required to achieve ISO accreditation highlighted where there was room or opportunity to improve our processes,” says Becky Rutherford, Country Manager and Director Professional Services (NZ) for Fusion5. “And we’re really happy about that; we take our ability to deliver to expectation very seriously.

“It’s important to our customers that we’ve analysed and invested in our own systems and processes in order to deliver them great, fit-for-purpose outcomes without having to circle back and ‘fix’ things later — which is always a costly and frustrating exercise for all concerned.”

Why investing in excellence matters

“We’re heavily focused on making sure that everything we do is repeatable and successful. So, when a private or public organisation is looking for a technology partner to trust, they can see that we’re committed to excellence, and that they can depend on the business outcomes we deliver. It makes partnering with Fusion5 a no-risk, high-success business decision.”

Rebecca Tohill | Founding Member and former CEO, Fusion5 ANZ

To remain ISO certified, Fusion5 will undertake a process of continuous improvement, requiring it to track and improve processes and services on an ongoing basis. This commitment to improvement is audited externally and internally every three years, and ensures that customers can be confident that Fusion5 maintains an unrelenting focus on excellence.

As well as ISO 9001 accreditation for its Professional Services and Project Management, Fusion5’s Managed Services team achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification in 2019.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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