NetSuite releases Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) as part of its package

There have been some exciting developments bubbling away in the background here at Fusion5, and it’s finally time to share them with our favourite NetSuite clients! Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days as we bring you the latest and greatest from your Fusion5 Customer Success Team!

We’ve schooled ourselves up on Oracle NetSuite’s recently introduced Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service, so we’re ready to answer all your questions!

PBCS slots seamlessly into the native NetSuite environment, giving you one, fully integrated application.

Key Business Benefits of PBCS

Flexible Modelling - Develop multiple plan alternatives and compare them to each other and against actuals to drive optimal business performance with confidence.

“What If” Analysis - Understand the impact of any change quickly with what-if scenarios.

Drag & Drop Report Builder – get powerful, comprehensive reporting and analysis quickly with easy-to-use, web-based dashboards and reporting templates.

Multi-Currency Support - Save time running scenarios with automated currency exchange calculations and robust currency reporting capabilities.

Fusion5 NetSuite IP and Enhancements

At our NetSuite Customer Connect held in March, we presented a range of NetSuite customisations that have greatly added value to our customers’ accounts. Now we are excited to share some of these that you can start using today! 

F5 CSV Integration

Integrate virtually any third-party system for integrating two CSV files between NetSuite and any external system. This provides a more cost-effective method than developing a point to point integration.

F5 File Generator

Style your reports in NetSuite as opposed to styling and reformatting in excel time after time. Designed for you to be able to run and easily read reports at a click of a button.

F5 Print PDF Extension

Turn any record from within NetSuite into a PDF file.

F5 Email Extension

Automatic emailing of transactions, extending NetSuite core functionality to allow for custom PDF attachments, custom e-mail subject/body/from address, and full control over recipient and ability to define when e-mails should be sent.

Get in touch with your Fusion5 account manager if you would like to discuss any of these solutions further.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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