Helping you reduce the risk of a major breach from a Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks aren't always (in fact, seldom are) the high intensity, death-defying adventures depicted in Hollywood Blockbusters. More often than not, they are quiet, insidious, barely detectable infiltrations of your IT and Business ecosystem vulnerabilities.

Of the seven layers of Cyber Security, Fusion5 focuses predominantly on de-risking the 'The Human Layer' (sometimes known as 'insider threats'). In an era where we moved quickly from 'on premises' office work environments, to 'work from home' and now essentially 'work from anywhere', having robust processes, products, and protocols in place to cover Security Controls, Security Governance and Security Compliance is the bare minimum to keep your staff — and therefore your business — safe, effective, and on the right side regulation and sensational media headlines!

In addition, our advisory services team can support you in establishing a Cyber Resilience Framework in line with the Australian Cyber Security Centre Controls (Essential 8). You can then choose to manage this framework yourself, or outsource it 'as a Service' to our team of experts.

Improving your Cyber Security - where do you start?

ACSC-based Essential 8 cyber security health check

Security is a big subject, which can, and should, be broken down into manageable parts. A Fusion5 Security Health Check can help with this, and you should consider one if:

  • You’re not sure if you’re doing enough to protect commercial and private data, and avoid big penalties in the event of a breach.
  • You are worried that if a user or their device is phished or hacked, that the hacker will have full access to your networks, systems & data.
  • You’re not 100% confident you haven’t been hacked (on average, it takes 279 days for a company to identify and contain a breach).
  • You can’t confidently say where all your sensitive data is, who has access to it, and could recover it, or destroy it, if it got into the wrong hands.

The Fusion5 Security Health Check will:

  • Provide practical advice and supporting frameworks on how to achieve security compliance, protect private data, and avoid penalties.
  • Identify IT assets susceptible to user or data compromise.
  • Deliver a report identifying and prioritising current risks and vulnerabilities, and providing suggestions and recommendations on how to address these.
  • Show you how to utilise Artificial Intelligence and automation to achieve 24/7 monitoring of your systems — without burdening staff.
  • Provide an assessment on your ability to discover, manage, secure and service your users and their devices as a unified programme.

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