Cyber security is everyone's job

There are many types of cyber attack, each designed to target a different area or layer of your organisation.

Looking for vulnerabilities in your network and perimeter, poorly secured data, devices, and applications, or trying to trick your staff into giving away passwords or installing malicious software - you'll find cyber criminials not only knocking at your door, but tapping on your windows, climbing down your chimney, and tunneling into your basement.  Or they'll just hitch a ride in on the back of some unsuspecting guest. 

To reduce the likelihood of being attacked, mitigate the potental impact of a breach, and avoid serious financial, reputational, and legislative fall-out, your organisation’s security posture requires a unique balance between user productivity and protection against cyber threats.

Security is multi layered. So your organisation’s security posture requires a unique balance between user productivity and protection against cyber threats.

We can transform your business infrastructure with our simple, agile, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective digital business solutions

We live in dangerous times. The threat to the security of your business data assets through deliberate cyber-attacks, inadequate or outdated security protocols or processes, or the inadvertent (or even deliberate) actions from staff are very real. If breached, the outcomes can be expensive and potentially impossible to recover from.

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your business or face the fallout.

We know it’s scary, and you know it’s scary. Especially if you are a government agency and need to comply with the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Top 4 and Essential 8 cybersecurity recommendations. And even the private sector is looking to the ASD Top 4 and Essential 8 as best practices to secure their environments.

Implementing the ASD Top 4 will help protect your organisation from 85% of the intrusion techniques to which the Australian Cyber Security Centre responds. It takes some work to get there, but you don’t need to go it alone. We can help.

Helping you to achieve rock-solid, compliant cyber security

Security is not a ‘one solution fits all’ scenario. By reviewing your current posture and toolsets we can design a security plan tailored to your needs.  

Our security offerings are grouped into 4 phases:

  1. Baseline. We do our groundwork to ensure that the security basics are all in place, fully operational and effective to safeguard you against the latest generation of cyber criminals.
  2. Protect Now! In this phase, we apply quick win controls that are easy to implement and are low risk to implement.
  3. Fortify. Here, we ensure your ASD Top 4 compliance is level three.
  4. Take Control. Finally, we take your ASD Essential 8 compliance to level three.

Looking for a cyber security 'quick win'? Start with Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

It’s critical that if you’re breached you can secure your data, as well as recover or destroy it. So, you need to make sure that you have implemented the capabilities needed to do this, and ensure they’re regularly tested.

Consider the following capabilities to quickly assess how your Digital Rights Management stacks up.  If you find you've answered 'no' a little more often than you're comfortable with, it's time we started a meaningful conversation.

  • Device control
    Can removable disks be introduced into your environment to facilitate data theft?
  • Encryption
    Is your data is protected in transit and at rest?
  • IT Asset Management
    Do you have a continuous discovery capability? Can you identify your devices and the data on them in real-time? And are you able to remotely isolate infected devices and wipe them?
  • Access control
    Can your sensitive data and applications be accessed from outside your organisation? Do you have access controls in place to challenge this access? Like geo-location verification, multi-factor authentication and biometric controls?
  • Backup
    How quickly can you recover your data in case of a breach?
  • Digital Rights Management
    Are your documents digitally signed and read/write access controlled?
  • Privileges Management
    Home-grown threats are equally as damaging as cyber threats. Do you have full control of your administrator privileges and their access levels?
  • Application Whitelisting
    This is the number one control recommended by the ASD to prevent malware running in your organisation and stealing your data. Do you have it in place?
  • Did you say 'no' more than you said 'yes'?
    It's time to get in touch. We can help - and we can do it quickly!

Get your free security ‘quick start’

Our free service provides SMEs with a snapshot of their current security measures and maturity levels according to the ASD controls.

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Why Fusion5?

Now more than ever, securing your assets, data and employees is critical to your organisation’s success and competitive advantage.

Fusion5 can leverage our InfoSec ISO 27001 processes and methodologies to help you define and maintain your security posture. We can ensure you’re always compliant with the requirements of the Notifiable Data Breach and GDPR. Using our security framework, we can enable the right balance between protection and productivity.

We adhere to global published standards and frameworks such as ASD, CertNZ, CIS and CSEG in all our recommendations, solutions and services.

We use a range of market-leading technologies including Ivanti and Microsoft. 

Learn the language of cyber security

Would you like to be able to speak the language of cyber security. Click to our blog which some of the acronyms you are likely to meet on your cyber security journey.

The ABCs of Cyber Security
Great outcomes start with great conversations

Great outcomes start with great conversations

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