Innovation Symposium 2021

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00:00:00 Welcome

00:04:35 Special Welcome

00:11:02 The State of JDE

00:14:46 JDE Innovations

00:46:31 Maturity Models

01:13:00 Modernise your User Experience

01:42:17 Q&A with Oracle JD Edwards

02:05:23 Key Points

Discover the roadmap to success for your Oracle JD Edwards supported business.

Change is always scary, and comes at a price - even when the final outcome is a win.

Which is why at Fusion5, we understand that it can be extremely difficult for businesses to take the kind of risks innovation demands, and keep 'business as usual' operations running smoothly. But we also believe in innovation as being the vital spark that drives positive change, measurable improvement, and making potential reality for our customers and their businesses. At our 2021 JD Edwards Innovation Symposium leading insights and trends were shared and discussed on how businesses could harness the latest visionary thinking, to grow and evolve the value they bring to their customers, whilst understanding and mitigating their risks.

Net result? To be able to deliver bankable improvements to the bottom line.

If you missed our 2021 Symposium, click on the video for the key highlights and we hope to see you online at our 2022 JD Edwards Innovation Symposium soon to be announced; so watch this space for more exciting details. 


Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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