Watch Fusion5 in this special Asset Management focused webinar and live demonstration as we take a deep dive into what a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Management solution can do to help you: 

  • Integrate seamlessly with several modules in Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
  • Enable you to efficiently manage and carry out tasks that are related to managing and servicing many types of equipment in your company, for example, machines, production equipment, and vehicles.
  • Plan for maintenance and track usage and work orders for preventative versus reactive maintenance.
  • Reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of your assets and ultimately reducing downtime and increasing performance of your assets.
  • Supports solutions across numerous industries


A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Management solution delivers end-to-end asset management functionality, beginning with the ability to track assets and their physical locations, maintenance planning, orders and scheduling, fault management, reporting, and cost controls.

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