2024.1 NetSuite new release 

The NetSuite 2024.1 new release has now rolled out for all Australian and New Zealand customers. 

The new release video covers:

00:00 Welcome - 2024.1 NetSuite New Release User Group 
05:21 Feature deprecation/changes for existing customers 
09:30 New release Overview - Core product
21:40 New release Overview - SuiteApps
28:06 Peppol 
32:00 WMS 
53:42 New release Overview - OCI Acquisition 
1:05:00 Cybersecurity at Fusion5 

The team of NetSuite experts at Fusion5 have broken down all the technical info for you, and here’s what you need to know. 

Feature deprecation/changes for existing customers
New release Overview - Core product
Favourites feature (selected drop downs), global search changes, Rest Web Services (no longer Beta), Suite Analytics (SQL exports), revenue recognition (field mapping), work order CSV import, localisations, text enhance (pending release in NZ).
New release Overview - SuiteApps
FAM, transaction line distribution, rebates and trade promotions, NetSuite Electronic Business Now (supported by Avalara).
Peppol and WMS
SCM mobile / ship central, costed BOM, quality management, manufacturing mobile, Benchmark 360 (pending release).
New release Overview - OCI Acquisition
NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, CPQ - Configure price quote, Field Service, NetSuite Account Reconciliation (available this year), NS Bill Capture / NS Payment Automation (release pending).
Presented by the Fusion5 security team, featuring:
  • Cybersecurity in global uncertainty
  • The prevalent threats
  • How do we protect ourselves?
  • Developing a culture of security
  • Assessing and uplifting
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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