Discover the world's most deployed Cloud ERP solution — no magician's hat required!

Just one unified business management suite, capable of wearing all the hats needed to make your business run so smoothly, you'll have time to get out some of the more fun hats you'd like to be wearing!

NetSuite for Manufacturing

Achieve higher levels of business effectiveness, profitability and success with one complete cloud system for the manufacturing industry — NetSuite for Manufacturers.

NetSuite for Manufacturers is a single cloud software system that provides the ERP power to run core business operations, while delivering the deep industry functionality required to meet ever-changing market needs and customer expectations.

With NetSuite for Manufacturers you gain the visibility and control of key processes you need to compete effectively in the market. By improving and tracking critical business processes, identifying and measuring KPIs for everything from your financial operations to your factory floor and shipping efficiencies, you achieve higher levels of business effectiveness and success.

From order-to-cash through build-to-ship, NetSuite for Manufacturers helps you achieve overall operational excellence, take control of supply chain processes and improve business value while reducing operating costs and IT overheads.

For more detail on how Fusion5 and NetSuite can work for your Manufacturing business, download our eBook.

NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution

Transform and accelerate your wholesale distribution business with NetSuite.

Success in the demanding and fast-paced wholesale distribution sector requires companies to operate with high efficiency and low error rates. That’s why tens of thousands of fast-growing companies are using NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP solution, to take on challenges ranging from tight margins to supply chain and delivery-carrier dependencies.

Using NetSuite, distributors can run their businesses on a single, unified platform. IT costs are reduced while you simultaneously gain comprehensive, real-time visibility across your organisation.

For more detail on how Fusion5 and NetSuite can work for your Wholesale Distribution business, download our eBook.

NetSuite for Professional Services

Drive performance and processes to new levels with NetSuite for Professional Services.

NetSuite’s world-leading cloud-based solution supports your services teams no matter where they are, and whatever they’re doing. Online, offline or on a mobile device? All the functionality your team needs is at their fingertips.

With NetSuite's PSA and SRP solutions you can expect to achieve:

  • 20%-40% improved availability and utilisation of resources and reduced non-billable hours
  • 75%-85% improvement on report generation time

For more detail on how Fusion5 and NetSuite can work for your Professional Services business, download our eBook.

NetSuite for Software Companies

Compete and thrive with NetSuite’s powerful, cloud-based business management solutions for the software industry.

The software business is fast and furious. The pace of change and the level of cutthroat competition is virtually unmatched by any other industry.

You can, of course, achieve a high level of business functionality and efficiency by identifying, measuring and improving critical business processes and KPIs. These processes include everything from financial measures — such as the time required to close the books — to sales productivity, service effectiveness and customer satisfaction metrics.

For more detail on how Fusion5 and NetSuite can work for your Software Business, download our eBook.

NetSuite for Retail

Unravel the complexities and meet the challenges of the retail sector with NetSuite.

Retail is one of the most challenging industries around, and it’s never been tougher than it is right now. NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP, helps retailers manage complex supplier relationships and inventories, keeps demanding customers happy, and delivers the all-important real-time data, accurate forecasting and efficient operations required to generate profits in a business characterised by razor-thin margins.

With NetSuite, you get a single view of the business across all channels. Your customer, order, inventory and financial information is always up to date and you deliver the personalised experience your customers expect across every touchpoint.

For more detail on how Fusion5 and NetSuite can work for your Retail business, download our eBook.

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