Finding the lost socks: Asset Management with Ivanti

Like the laundry, when it becomes overwhelming, keeping the different loads separated gets difficult, and everything gets dumped into the same basket.  And then someone loses a sock.  Doesn’t really seem like a big deal on the face of it, but only being able to find one sock to wear in the morning, means that the other is out there…somewhere.

  • Are you confident that you have visibility of all your IT assets?
  • Do you have multiple discovery tools, use spreadsheets or manual processes to update your single source of truth?
  • Does your CMDB automatically update after adds, moves  and changes to your environment, or
  • Do you fear facing an IT audit?

Join us online to see how Ivanti Asset Management can help you get a handle on Discovery of your Devices, and never worry about lost socks again.

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