What is Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Copilot is a next-generation AI (artificial intelligence) tool integrated into Microsoft 365. Think ChatGPT on steroids and then some.  

Put simply: It turns your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.

Copilot combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps. It works alongside you, inside the productivity apps you use every day – like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more. So, you can do more – and do it better and faster than ever before. You and your team can be more creative, more productive, and more collaborative – all while staying in control.

You and Microsoft 365 Copilot, better (and smarter) together

Worried about security? Copilot delivers enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance to ensure all data processing happens inside Microsoft 365.

You can ask it – in natural language - to summarise notes or Teams meetings, draw up action lists, write those everyday emails for you, or automate processes. Or ask it to scan your entire universe of data (from emails to meetings, chats to documents, and everything on the web) to help you solve problems at work.

Concerned about losing control? If you ever don’t like what your Copilot buddy has done, just tell it to back up and try again, or take a rest.   

Best of all, Copilot learns. So, over time, it will get quicker, smarter, and even more capable.

Enterprise-grade data protection

Rest easy - Copilot inherits your existing Microsoft 365 security, privacy, identity, and compliance policies.

Available for all Microsoft 365 apps

Copilot is available for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, Loop, Whiteboard, OneNote, and more.

Talk the same language

Copilot responds to natural language requests; there’s no need to learn easily forgotten commands to get what you want.

Eliminate blank page syndrome

Ask Copilot to start a document for you from scratch or by summarising other documents.

Drive value from forgotten data

Leverage the knowledge locked away in forgotten company data to uncover new insights.

Automate, automate, automate

Use Copilot in Power Platform to automate repetitive tasks or in Power Automate to create automated workflows.

Build your own apps

Got a great idea for an app? Copilot can turn concepts into functioning apps in just minutes.

Improve productivity

Copilot is a personal virtual assistant, so every Microsoft 365 user can work smarter.

Why choose Microsoft 365 Copilot and Fusion5 for your business?

Effortless productivity. From creating PowerPoints to writing content to segmenting target audiences, writing meeting notes, issuing summaries and emails, and writing code, Copilot saves time and effort. It empowers your users to get more out of the apps and their day.

Unbounded creativity. Copilot offers users – whether brainstorming as a group or generating individual content pieces - new ideas and perspectives. From generating blog topics to social media posts based on specified keywords, topics, and preferred styles – even those who struggle to express themselves on paper can have their say and say it well.

Closer collaboration. With Copilot, you’ll all get more done more quickly together. Copilot for Teams can capture and summarise the key points of any meeting and call out actions and owners, so you’re all on the same page. Ask Copilot to convert meeting content when using Microsoft Whiteboard or suggest ideas on the go. Or to set up and name a shared workspace and allocate editing permissions. All without clicking a single button.

Work with a leading Microsoft partner. At Fusion5, we live, eat, and breathe Microsoft solutions – and Copilot is no exception. Even though it’s a vastly overused phrase, we truly believe Copilot is a true game-changer, and we’re excited to show you how and why.

Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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