Whether you’re a start-up, midsize, or even an enterprise organisation ― in any industry ― you can benefit from NetSuite’s Cloud ERP/Financial suite. In fact, it’s the leading choice of those companies that understand managing today’s challenges and unlocking future growth through their back-office system is critical to business success.


Our team addresses the key factors to scaling your business regardless of your size and industry. We talk through how a comprehensive accounting core can improve and increase your efficiency and visibility as you grow and evolve; and ultimately eliminate those ineffective and costly manual processes and vulnerable, disparate systems.
  • Joel Mikkelsen – Sales Manager, NetSuite
  • Gavin Neels – Solutions Architect, NetSuite

Key topics covered:

  • Putting your needs first: Having the ability to create the most efficient process for you, rather than creating a business process around what your current ERP system can ― and can’t ― do!
  • Rethinking your business strategy: You’ve determined your business strategy based on the limited information from your restrictive ERP system. But you suspect you’re only getting a part or the big picture. Now what?
  • Embracing integration goodness: Your ERP system/software doesn’t integrate across your business operations, so it becomes a manual task of getting the systems to “talk” to each other. Hands up if you think that’s good enough!
  • Saying goodbye to manual errors and input: Things are slipping through the net ― unnecessary duplication arises due to manual reconciliation and processes creating a large margin for human error. Time to move on!
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