Business Value Dashboards

Take control. Act decisively. Go real-time.

Business value dashboards focus on delivering specific line-of-business metrics which closely align IT with the business

Most businesses and organisations (and we are talking around 80% here) lack real-time visibility of the inner workings of their IT processes. Sound familiar?

So when they (or you) need to make a decision, the pressure is on employees to log into multiple systems to find the required business intelligence, compile it on spreadsheets and then report back to their managers. As you can imagine, this makes it pretty much impossible to respond quickly, let alone act on the information with haste.

Business value dashboards, and what’s so special about them

Dashboards are by no means new, but the ability to connect to multiple data sources in real time is. Unlike traditional IT executive dashboards which provide the sort of high-level information needed for smooth day-to-day operations, the business value dashboard (BVD) focuses on delivering specific line-of-business metrics which closely align IT with the business.

A BVD is usually a cloud application. It includes big-data analytics capabilities, and can match patterns found in logs and other data sources. So a BVD not only draws on a wealth of information from all the different data sources in your organisation but analyses the data for you and even generates easy-to-read displays, charts and graphs.

Why are BVDs so useful?

With a BVD and the reports it generates, your IT or line of business (LOB) managers will finally have real-time visibility of how operations impact your business; how non-IT LOBs define their own performance; and how IT supports your revenue streams. All of which makes it easy for your managers to make informed – and timely – decisions as to which of your IT investments provide the most business value.

You’ll be able to instantly view reports on your asset management, service desk, monitoring, alerting, security and more.

And what else?

Not only are BVDs incredibly useful, but they save you money and cement your position in the market.

  • Slash your reporting expenses by as much as 75%. You’ll immediately save on the time and money previously consumed to manually compile data, then analyse and report on it.
  • Make faster, better decisions. All the information you need is available on live Simply login and run the report you need, when you need it.
  • Take control. When you can see everything in real time you can be more agile and responsive to market needs, and maintain that all-important competitive edge.

Why Fusion5?

We’ve implemented BVDs for many of our customers. With 100% positive feedback.

Fusion5 has considerable expertise in reporting, and use a range of products including Power BI to deliver the right solution for each customer scenario. We’re not committed to just a few tools, we believe in selecting the technology that will work best for you.


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