2024, stand by for a major transformation

All the buzz is true. Copilot is seriously the biggest business game-changer in years – on par with historical technological shifts such as the transition from mainframes to personal PCs or the evolution and worldwide adoption of cloud computing and even the internet itself.

Starting with ChatGPT announcements in early 2023, followed by the emergence of Microsoft’s Copilot, it’s been a time of immense excitement for those of us who have lived with the promise of technology changing how we work – but not delivering to the extent imagined.

For those of us who grew up envisaging a future that included flying cars, it’s been apparent that our dreams have struggled to transform into reality. But that’s about to change – Copilot does deliver on the hype.  

With over 30 Microsoft Copilots being released in the next few months, it will be a significant turning point for businesses globally. While the fear of job losses may create anxiety for some, I advocate that Copilot won’t replace our jobs, but somebody using it well will (sentiment stolen with thanks from Charles Lamanna, Corporate VP, Business Apps & Platforms at Microsoft).

So, 2024? From my perspective, the thing I'm most looking forward to is technology finally fulfilling what it has promised for so long. That is, being able to truly get through more in our days. And that's going to impact every facet of our business operations.

All the everyday tasks that technology was going to change, but never really did, will finally become fast and easy. Instead of being a slave to technology, it will become your slave (and a very intelligent one at that) – with no manual data entry required and offering myriad practical applications to all industry sectors.

Need a recap on a sales conversation? Or a beautifully crafted email drafted in seconds? Need content ideas for blogs, websites, or webinars? Perhaps your target audience effortlessly segmented with intelligent ideas offered to expand reach? Need to transform how a service agent can resolve an issue that potentially takes hours of delving into line-of-business applications and knowledge bases? Want on-the-spot and in-the-moment reports and forecasts? Like the power to predict supply chain disruptions, so you can pivot quickly to minimise cost or supply impacts to your business?

Well, Copilot can do it all in seconds.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about technology, so for me to say Copilot is one of the most revolutionary tools I’ve seen in decades is said with complete conviction. Am I (over) excited about Copilot? Yes, I am – and so should you be.

As for flying cars? They can wait – this is better and bigger by far.


Kristy Brown, New Zealand Country Manager - Microsoft

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2023 December
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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