Are you talking about Cloud at your organisation?  

For many, the 'lift and shift' to Cloud happened years ago, but with signifiant advances in Cloud computing since then, not to mention hefty investments from the major Cloud players, the opportunities to review and revise your Cloud Economics are many - along with the potential to improve the value you extract from your Cloud, and save money.

And if you haven't migrated to Cloud yet, you might be wondering whether Public, Private, Multi, or Hybrid Cloud is the way to go.

With AI driving quantum leap changes in the way we use, store and secure our data, ensuring you have a continuous improvement Cloud Strategy in place is more important than ever - especially when it comes to mitigating risk and optimising costs.

We know it's not always easy to balance the drive to adopt emerging tech with business goals and budgets. As a tech-agnostic, multi-cloud provider, we're here to educate, guide, and support you on your Cloud journey. As always, if you have questions, or would like to kick off a conversation, please do get in touch.


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For... CEO

The global cloud computing market increased by 635% between 2010 and 2020 - a massive boom attributed to the growing number of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS providers. Businesses worldwide couldn’t wait to embrace the cloud and all the shiny new things it promised. However, as these things go, we didn’t know then what issues would emerge...

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For... CFO

The cost of your company's technology infrastructure and systems will be an ongoing concern. Your cloud costs can vary significantly depending on how far along you are in your cloud journey. If you carry the technical debt of ageing in-house hardware, systems and internal IT support - or are tied to a data centre, you’ll know exactly what it’s costing you to keep the lights on. What is perhaps harder to place a dollar value on, though, are the opportunities you’re missing out...

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For... CIO

Security, stability, efficiency, and innovation are key considerations for your technology environment – balanced with the need to ‘keep the lights on.’ While we’d like to say there’s one ‘right’ destination on your cloud journey, it differs by organisation. Even a couple of years without maintenance or upgrades can quickly transform a stable on-premises environment into an unsupported one fraught with risk. This also means you are unlikely to meet stakeholder expectations of high performance, up-to-date security features and functionality, let alone deliver innovation and scalability...

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Spotlight on... Cloud

This edition of Spotlight On focusses on "All things Cloud", including:

Cloud Economics
Cloud Migration
Cloud Maturity
Data & AI

Whether you migrated to Cloud years ago, or are just now considering it, the options around Public, Private, Multi, and Hybrid Cloud can be overwhelming.

Director of JD Edwards and Innovation, Shannon Moir, and GM Cloud, Infrastructure and Security, Kris Jackson, dive into the key considerations and concerns for business leaders attempting to get the greatest value from a cloud investment - focusing specifically on cost management, business outcomes, security, and setting yourself up for success in the era of AI.

They also bust a few myths, and touch on cost mitigation strategies relating to major changes recently made by VMware. 

00:00 Intro
01:12 What exactly does 'Cloud Economics' mean?
04:35 What are the key drivers for cloud migration in 2024?
08:00 Is migrating to the cloud as complex, expensive, and difficult as it was originally?
09:40 Public, Private, Multi, or Hybrid Cloud? How do you find the right fit for you?
11:33 Advice for those considering migrating to the Cloud?
12:55 How to mature your Cloud Strategy for cost optimisation, sustainability, and leveraging emerging tech
14:57 The role and impact of Data & AI on Cloud Strategy
18:14 Myth-busting inaccurate beliefs about the Cloud
21:03 Number one piece of advice for Executive Leaders looking to migrate or mature their Cloud position?
23:16 Latest strategies for disaster recovery and business continuity, in relation to Cloud
25:26 The cost impact of changes at VMware, and how to mitigate these

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