What's The Bottom Line and who is Fusion5?

The Bottom Line is Fusion5's customer newsletter - but it's not just ANY newsletter! Every 8 weeks or so we'll be dropping hints, tips, insights, and more to your Inbox, that are all about you. Or, more accurately, all about helping, inspiring, and empowering you.

As for 'Who is Fusion5', let us show you in a video.

Something just for....you!

To give you some idea of what we're focusing on in 2023, based on what we see happening in the world and the market, we asked the leaders in our business "What technology do you predict will have the biggest impact on your role in 2023 – and why?"

Here's what they said...

For...the CEO

Despite being the CEO of a successful technology solutions business, I use very few applications. My role is about people and relationships, so I value...

For...the HR & People Leaders

As Fusion5’s GM People & Performance, 2023 is the year which will make me wonder why we did things the hard way for so long.



For...the Tech Leaders

I can't, in all honesty, claim that any single application will significantly impact me in 2023. By itself, that is...

For...the Finance Leaders

Just twelve months ago, producing clear and concise consolidated financial statements for our Board directly was a cumbersome task...



For...the Security Leaders

2023 is going to be the year of better monitoring and response services! And that’s not only going to transform my ability to utilise my resources on a day-to-day basis, but more importantly...

For...the Data, Risk & Governance Leaders

ChatGPT has incredible practical potential for businesses, and it will transform my role at Fusion5 as ANZ Practice Manager Data and Analytics in 2023...



Spotlight on...ERP

This edition we asked Microsoft Country Manager (Australia), Craig Westcott, and Executive Director - NetSuite & Corporate Performance Management, Grant Robertson, about: The history of Enterprise Resource Planning; what's really so great about having all your data in one place; whether an RFP is still the best way to select an ERP; and what are the most important considerations when choosing the next 'central nervous system' for your business. 

00:40 Where did ERP come from, and what did it set out to do?
02:00 Why Grant gets passionate when people get 'fluffy' about ERP!
03:55 What's so great about having all your data in one place?
05:28 How do you decide which is the right ERP for you?
06:44 Why do you think using an RFP to choose an ERP is a flawed process?
07:35 What would we tell a friend if they asked "How do I choose an ERP?"
09:52 Where do 'hearts and minds' come into the ERP selection process?
10:35 What are the risks of choosing an ERP in isolation from the rest of your business?
11:20 If an RFP process isn't the final word on how to choose an ERP, what's the alternative?
11:41 What does a good implementation partner look like?
13:32 Microsoft vs Oracle - who's the best for ERP?

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