Change is the only constant - so how are you transforming?

Business and digital transformation have been buzz words for longer than most of us have had jobs. We all know that evolution and transformation are key to staying relevant, competitive, and profitable. Yet many business owners and leaders either struggle to identify transformation opportunities, or shy away from transformation projects due to a lack of support, confidence, or a fear of failure

As with any transformation - whether it be building a house, achieving your dream body, or evolving your business, finding a trusted partner to guide you, hold you accountable, and ultimately help you achieve your goals is key. 

Fusion5's Transformation Advisory team provides consultancy and support that can increase your likelihood of success, reduce friction and cost, and minimise the risk of failure for transformation projects big and small.

With a strong background in technology, and deep commercial experience across a range of industries, the Transformation Advisory team create harmony between technology, business, and people, to ensure your business keeps evolving, and improving. 

And we're not saying 'transform, or die'. Not at all. If you're repeating great practiecs and getting great results - keep doing what you're doing. But if the time is right to do something different, we're here to help.

So, in 2024, will you evolve? Or will you repeat?

Something just!

For... the Project Managers

Are you tossing your subject matter experts in at the deep end and expecting miracles? A successful project outcome doesn’t just hinge on what your implementation partner or your chosen technology does. Or what you and your team do. It’s what we do together. To reduce risk, it’s critical to ensure that... 

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For... the Enterprise Architects

Is your technical architecture out of control? As your enterprise implements more and more solutions, it’s likely your technology stack has become increasingly complex and costly to run. And it may be slowing down your business productivity to boot...

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For... the OCM Managers

When we talk to stakeholders about the value of getting their business ready for change and the best approach to get their people over the line in the face of a new technology implementation, we are usually asked these questions about OCM (organisational change management) services...

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Spotlight on... Transformation Advisory

In this episode of 'Spotlight on' we speak with Lucille Temporal-Cortez, Technology & Architecture Practice Manager for the Transformation Advisory team. She shares with us the major transformation myths she'd like to bust, the warning signs that your organisation is approaching a transformation intersection, and the different ways you can tackle transformation, no matter your size, maturity, or complexity.

00:00 Intro
00:44 Why have you decided to formalise Transformation Advisory and Consultancy services into a dedicated department?
04:15 What are the key areas of consultancy and service you're offering in the Transformational Advisory pillar?
06:20 What's the difference between Project Management and Programme Management?
08:13 How is Fusion5 different from other business consultancy firms offering transformation advisory services?
11:11 Are there any myths about business and technology transformation that you'd like to bust?
17:53 What are you looking forward to in the transformation and advisory space in 2024 and beyond?
21:09 How can businesses identify when they may be ready for, or in need of, a transformation project or journey?
24:08 What advice would you give to business leaders who want to investigate beginning a transformation project or journey?

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