The case for turning your subject matter experts into project know-it-alls

A successful project outcome doesn’t just hinge on what your implementation partner or your chosen technology does. Or what you and your team do. It’s what we do together.

To reduce risk, it’s critical to ensure that everyone clearly understands their project role and responsibilities and feels confident they can step up – or know who to turn to for advice and support. We call that project readiness.

Getting project-ready is easy when you are a business solution partner. After all, we work on transformational projects every day, and of course, we know the technology we implement inside out. We continually invest in ongoing technical and project management training, reinforced by daily hands-on application of these skills.

It’s often more challenging at your end. Your internal subject matter experts (SMEs) may only go through a major implementation a handful of times over their career and can be anxious about change. As a result, being expected to learn on the job and under pressure can be detrimental to the project.

So, how can you get your SMEs up and running as project experts and keen advocates for transformation for the duration of your implementation and beyond? How can you maximise their existing knowledge and skills and ensure they understand what’s needed to be successful and embrace (rather than resist) the value the change will bring?

Recognising the direct correlation between project readiness and success, we developed our unique Client SME Enablement Program. ‘CSMEEP’ is a comprehensive training program for your SMEs comprising five modules: the implementation methodology, workshops, project toolsets, testing and training. Note: We’re only using the not-so-snappy acronym, ‘CSMEEP’, while we search for the perfect name!

These modules take your SME team through understanding the hybrid agile methodology and sprint training to ensure they understand workshop practices, DevOps training, test planning, train the trainer and much more.

Featuring a mix of pre-recorded sessions (which can be used as on-demand refreshers), self-paced learning and coaching by a Fusion5 TA or PMO (Project Management Office) expert, CSMEEP also includes evaluation check-ins to ensure compliance. Ultimately, the program will enable your SMEs to build an internal self-help group/forum to generate lasting value and knowledge.

Most importantly, your SMEs won’t feel like fish out of water. They may be in at the project's deep end, but they will know how to swim and in which direction.


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2024 March
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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