Taking Cyber Security seriously DOESN'T mean you have to start wearing a tinfoil hat.

That's right. Despite scary and emotive headlines warning us of potential disaster from cyber attacks, the reality of staying cyber-secure is less about 'the rise of the machines' or 'being hacked by foreign governments', and more about taking sensible precautions, and teaming up with the right allies to guard your blindspots.

Yes, your business is at risk. We all are. If you engage in any kind of digital or online activity, you are vulnerable. But that doesn't mean you need to panic.

In this edition of The Bottom Line we hone in on some specific areas where you should be investing your time and attention to put you in the best position to protect yourself from the fallout of a cyber attack, and provide some sensible advice on how to partner with experts to optimise your security position in terms of cost, resource, time, and protection.

If anything in this edition of The Bottom Line raises concern or curiosity for you, reach out.  Great outcomes start with great conversations!!

Something just for....you!

You know that the threat of cyber attack, and its impact on your organisation, can look different depending on what area of the business you are responsible for. We spoke to leaders in our business to understand their area-specific security concerns, and get their advice on how they're keeping Fusion5, our people, and our customers safe.

For...the CEO

Good cyber hygiene is the responsibility of everyone in a business, at every level – from the CEO down. While applying patches and updates in a timely manner to address known vulnerabilities may be the remit of a specific team, we’re all accountable for minimising business risk.

So, what are three basic hygiene measures we should all be aware of – and take personal responsibility for?

For...the CDO

Who is responsible for protecting your cloud data?

(A) You, (B) your technology partner, or (C) your cloud service provider? Or someone else altogether?

It’s not unusual for businesses who have moved to the cloud to pat themselves on the back and say, “Job well done; our data is now safe. Phew.”

Unfortunately, that’s not true...



For...the CFO

Due to the risk posed by cybercrime to businesses worldwide, CFOs have a more comprehensive range of responsibilities than ever before.

A weak cybersecurity position is a significant business risk across all organisations. Few finance professionals are unaware of the catastrophic devastation that can be wrecked should they fail to pay attention to...

For...the CISO

As cybercrime continues on its dramatic upwards trajectory, addressing cybersecurity risks and challenges remains a pressing consideration for every CISO. No one is exempt. Businesses and organisations of all sizes must commit to protecting their data or face disaster – one way or another.

We’re often asked what we think is the best way to protect businesses...



For...the CTO

In the past, the normal approach to network security was to trust all users and endpoints within your organisational perimeter, but verify them. However, this put your organisation at risk from internal bad actors as well as external bad actors using legitimate but stolen user credentials for their own malicious purposes.

With the event of the pandemic came a new raft of challenges...

For...HR Leaders

Human error has been consistently reported as one of the biggest threats to organisational cybersecurity. And since it’s easier (as well as less expensive and damaging) to pre-empt errors than to fix them, it’s logical to introduce cybersecurity awareness and training from the outset – regardless of...



Spotlight on... Cyber Security

For a 'real talk' about the threat and impact of cyber attacks on Australian and New Zealand businesses, we put the spotlight on Fusion5's CISO Adam van Vliet, and GM of Enterprise Cloud and Security (including Fusion5's Security Centre), Kris Jackson. From the importance of being able to 'filter out the noise' so you can identify genuine threats quickly, to discussing the common things that businesses get wrong when attempting to improve their security, in just under 10 minutes, you'll be in a more informed position than when you woke up this morning!

00:18 Why is Cyber Security growing in importance, and, what is the biggest concern businesses have relating to Cyber Attacks.
00:54 What are the most common vulnerabilities that put businesses at risk of Cyber Attack?
02:04 What do businesses typically struggle with when it comes to Cyber Security?
03:48 Why did you develop the Fusion5 Security Centre, and what do you do for customers?
06:22 Why should businesses consider partnering with a Cyber Security specialist?
07:30 How should you structure your business for Cyber Security success?

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