Predicting the Future: the rise of Extended Planning & Analysis

Well, that’s a bold headline, isn’t it?! Who wouldn’t want a crystal ball to understand the impact of the rise of BRICS, the volatile USD, whether we’ll have floods, fires or other natural disasters to deal with this winter…the list goes on!

If anything in this edition of The Bottom Line raises concern or curiosity for you, reach out.  Great outcomes start with great conversations!!

Something just!

The good news is that, while we haven’t figured out how to build a crystal ball, we are helping businesses to plan, budget, and forecast for a range of possible futures using Extended Planning & Analysis tools, providing significant competitive advantage when it comes to being ready for whatever the world throws at us.

For...the CEO

It’s typical that you and your business leaders face a range of scenarios throughout the year where you need (either on an ad hoc or unstructured basis) to collect data to inform decisions that fall outside of the best-laid plans. These scenarios could be...

For...the COO

Sustainability is, with good cause, a hot C-level topic. And your ability to be sustainable is increasingly important to those you do business with...



For...the Tech Leaders

You’ve got myriad responsibilities – from customer behaviour, operational performance, to market trends and more. So, looking for ways to deliver meaningful, efficient, and well-informed decisions and outcomes for each is not only sensible, but...

For...the Finance Leaders

While it’s obvious that you rely heavily on planning and analytics to keep the company on the right financial course and improve business outcomes – your plans can be quickly derailed if the data you’ve been using is untrustworthy...



For...the Security Leaders

For today’s C-level, data, analytics, and planning are powerful tools for making informed decisions. They reduce the manual work and decisions that you and the other executives are expected to make, as well as the likelihood of making mistakes...

For...the Revenue Leaders

Any CRO will recognise the value of what-if business modelling in this circumstance. It provides an accurate picture of the impact on sales (and therefore revenue) and helps model what will happen if that gap is filled in another way to meet customer demand...



Spotlight on...CPM

This edition we're putting a spotlight on 'predicting the future' - otherwise known as 'Planning and Analytics' or 'Corporate Performance Management'. Join Ben Schofield and Philip de Harcourt as they talk about how an excess of data is making planning and analysis tools more important, and the fine line between using spreadsheets appropriately, and them becoming an unhealthy (and unsafe) addiction. 

00:55 What does 'predicting the future look like in 2023?'
02:42 What impact do Planning & Analytics tools and practices have on profitability?
03:23 How can Planning & Analytics solutions help architect competitive advantage?
04:55 Financial Planning & Analytics is now Planning & Analytics for all - why is that?
06:30 CPM or ERP - which is the right 'single source of truth' system business should be using?
08:57 What role do spreadsheets play in planning, forecasting and budgeting, and at what stage should you be 'going beyond' excel?
12:00 What's the alternative to spreadsheets, once it becomes negligent to be relying on them?
14:44 What's the one thing you wished people understood better about Planning & Analytics, and Corporate Performance Management?
17:37 What advice would you give organisations seeking to build competitive advantage on how they should get started?
18:45 How can business leaders easily compare and assess the many Planning & Analytics tools on the market?

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