Integration is SO much more than linking 'thing one' to 'thing two'

In fact, integration is now such a large component of digital and technology projects, it's a standard part of the project scope.  If you have a lot of repetitive tasks cropping up in your business, grumbles about inaccessible data, systems, and applications, or simply a desire to be more streamlined and efficient than you are currently, this is The Bottom Line edition for you!

Something just!

Everyone has had to deal with disparate systems in their business at one time or another.  Comprehensive system integration can significantly reduce frustration, wasted time, and poor decisions - and who doesn't want that? We spoke to leaders in our business to understand their area-specific experiences and insights on integration, and get their advice on how they're leveraging integration to collect, connect and circulate data to keep Fusion5 operating efficiently.

For...the CEO

Whether you’re in charge of maintaining the status quo, leading your business to new heights, or preparing it for sale or further investment, integration will play a vital ‘make it happen’ role.


A well-architected and monitored integration layer will increase your organisational productivity , decrease reporting errors and...

For...the CFO

When you are responsible for your business's financial well-being and guidance, visibility and predictability are your best friends in an otherwise unstable world!


And that applies to both the solution deliverables and the cost to the business...




For...the CIO

The ‘whys and wherefores’ of integration are well established. But even then, there’s integration and integration.


As data becomes more distributed, integrating large volumes of data from different sources, in disparate formats, and on a legacy system is a significant roadblock. In an age where it’s generally accepted that...

For...the COO

If you remember the movie Groundhog Day, where the narcissistic lead character, Phil, is forced to relive the same 24 hours repeatedly until he changes himself and, therefore, his future, you probably have some sympathy.


As COO, you may often deal with the same issues day after day – and it’s only by making changes and improvements to the status quo that you can move forward.With your focus on efficiency, it’s easy to see where the time goes – but not always as easy to resolve...



For...the CTO

It must be said that selecting a cloud-native integration platform from IT leaders such as Microsoft (Azure Integration Services), AWS (Application Integration of AWS), and Oracle (Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud) comes with significant advantages.


Three, in fact...

For...IT Leaders

It just seems to happen naturally - as the IT Manager, you get lumbered with everything integration.


While it’s expected that your team will resolve all integration errors, our experience tells us that...



Spotlight on... Innovation & Integration

Innovation and integration go hand in hand when it comes to solving the problems caused by a myriad of disconnected applications, systems, and data repositories. We spoke to Fusion5's Director of Innovation, Shannon Moir, and our Practice Manager Innovation & Integration, Narelle Carey, about the misconceptions and myths relating to integration, the benefits of taking an enterprise approach, and just what it takes to run a successful integration project.

00:21  What does the 'I2' (Innovation & Integration) Team at Fusion5 do?

02:31  What has been the biggest benefit of bringing Innovation & Integration together as one department?

03:48  How can someone identify that 'integration' is the next step they need to take in their business or a specific project?

06:41  What have you see change as integration has evolved over the past decade?

10:38  If you had to pick just two, what do you think are the key things people need to consider when selecting an integration platform

16:08  What kind of person makes a great integration project specialist?

22:41  How can a business tell the difference between needing an enterprise wide integration project and specialist team, vs a simple 'point to point' middleware solution?

24:27  Final thoughts - the gold nuggets!

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