Whether it's Chat GPT, Microsoft Copilot, Midjourney, or any of the thousands of AI and Generative AI tools that have flooded our way of working in the past year or so, I'm sure you've been exposed to AI and are feeling the pressure to 'stay ahead' of the AI curve.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every aspect of our lives. From healthcare to education, entertainment to transportation, AI is enabling us to achieve more, faster, and better.

The Fusion5 Centre of Excellence for Azure, AI, and Copilot has been focussed on ensuring we're using these new tools effectively in-house, as well as ensuring we are well-placed to help you embrace AI and Gen AI in your business.

To support your journey to adopting and extracting the greatest value from AI and Gen AI, our team provides services in data architecture, cloud optimisation, document storage, security, change management and more. The AI assisted world is an exciting one, and as always, we're here to help you make your potential reality.

AI & Gen AI Insights

Generative AI for and productivity

Practically every article on generative AI affirms employee productivity as its reason for existence. Apparently, we’re going to be falling over ourselves with efficiency. But when it comes to productivity, we say, ‘Whoa, hold your horses’; you’re thinking about running before you can even walk. According to the hype, generative AI is an easy cure-all for accelerating the resolution of pretty much every problem or challenge. It’s not...

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Creation vs curation

The power of generative AI to rapidly collate and create content from specified data sources is impressive. But, like a magazine editor faced with an influx of new content from a range of sources, it’s essential that you understand and undertake the role of a curator - and then apply knowledge and critical thought to what’s produced. It’s important to recognise that what Microsoft Copilot (our generative AI of choice) creates is, essentially, a first draft, then a second, third and fourth and so on, until you judge it acceptable...

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Copilot - who is it for?

While in a perfect world, every employee would have access to generative AI, the reality of paying $600 per user/per annum for Microsoft Copilot on top of existing M365 licenses makes that idea untenable.

This begs the question: Who should be the Copilot ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’? And why?

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Special focus on Field Service

When times are tough, the competition for the in-the-field consumer dollar (and loyalty) gets even tougher. Field service is critical to your ability to scale your business. So, when you lose or disenchant customers, you erode your bottom line and your ability to attract more business.

But, if you have a field service offering, you already know this.

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Spotlight on... Generative AI

In this episode of 'Spotlight on' we speak with Troy Gerber - AI Centre of Excellence Lead. He shares his insights and expertise on the real-world uses and business cases for AI and Gen AI, highlights the pitfalls to avoid, busts a few myths, and provides practical advice on how to get started on your AI and Gen AI adoption journey.


00:00 Intro
01:00 AI vs Gen AI - what's the difference?
03:50 What are top 3 benefits of AI for business?
06:35 Summary of AI business benefits
07:40 What are the top 3 benefits of Generative AI for a business?
11:44 Summary of Gen AI business benefits
13:46 What advice would you give business leaders looking to embrace AI & Gen AI?
20:23 What advice would you give business leaders when it comes to getting your 'content library' in order to feed AI?
24:00 Do businesses need to have their data and documentation in order before starting on AI project, or is that something a partner can help with?
28:15 Are there any myths regarding AI & Gen AI that you'd like to bust?
28:30 Myth 1: AI is going to replace all jobs
29:08 Myth 2: AI is infallible
30:10 Myth 3: AI is 'human'
30:44 Myth 4: AI & Gen AI is just for tech companies
32:05 Real world examples and applications
35:04 Predictions for how AI/Gen AI will change our behaviour

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