Is your technical architecture out of control? We hear you.

As your enterprise implements more and more solutions, it’s likely your technology stack has become increasingly complex and costly to run. And it may be slowing down your business productivity to boot.

At this stage, these issues probably sound familiar: 

  1. We have too many complaints. “Our teams are telling us we have problems impacting our overall operational efficiency, but we don’t know how to resolve them.”
  2. We don’t have solution clarity: “We have core systems, add-on tools, and departments using additional systems. With no overview, it’s hard to make IT investment decisions.”
  3. We’re doubling up on functionality: “We have applications with overlapping capability and functionality, all implemented by different teams. How do we identify the value and benefits they deliver – or not.”
  4. We can’t decide: “We know there are many solutions out there that can solve our problems, but we don’t know which ones are the best fit for our business and our future goals.”
  5. We don’t know where to start our Digital Transformation: “We know we need to transform, but we’re unsure where to start, the best strategy to go about it and how to set it up.”
  6. We don’t have an enterprise architect: “We’re concerned about our solution configuration. We have solution architects but need an enterprise architect to provide guidance.”
  7. We need to understand our integrations. “We need more integration knowledge to help us decide which of our preferred solutions should stay and those we can replace.”
  8. We can’t turn our innovative ideas into operational systems: “We have an idea for an innovative new app, portal or service for our business, but don’t know where to from here.”

So, how do you solve these problems? What’s often needed is trusted, independent guidance and oversight from an experienced and solution-agnostic Enterprise Architect (EA) advisor. The EA role assesses your current technical architecture and its capabilities and helps you to prepare a future IT roadmap that not only reduces the ‘noise’ but shows you how to add more value using the solutions you’ve already invested in. You’ll also get advice on how (and what) solutions from different vendors can work better together.

With the right EA Advisory by your side, you’ll realise tangible benefits and value. Like an enterprise solution blueprint that helps with decision-making, saves you money, reduces implementation risks, and maximises your technology ROI.

And that’s got to be good for business, right?


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2024 March
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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