Me, you, and AI. A match made in heaven

You’ve probably seen all the news headlines about ChatGPT – invented by OpenChat and backed by Microsoft, it’s simply the hottest AI language model chatbot out there. And seriously, watch this space – it will quickly and completely disrupt so many things for so many.

ChatGPT has incredible practical potential for businesses, and it will transform my role at Fusion5 as ANZ Practice Manager Data and Analytics in 2023. After my recent introduction to it through Microsoft, I was so impressed and excited that I stayed up (very, very) late to play with it.

As I played with ChatGPT deep into the night and early morning, I put it to the test on some real-life scenarios:

  1. Intelligent suggestions. I checked out the chatbot’s superpowers by uploading an incomplete (anonymised) data warehouse statement of work to ChatGPT’s secure environment and requested it to identify and draw up a table of possible project risks and list ways to mitigate them. Within minutes, it reviewed the SOW and presented me with a well-considered, accurate and ready-formatted table - saving me hours.
  2. Simplifying skill alignment. To start, I ran my CV through ChatGPT and asked what roles I should look for. It generated a list of amazing and appropriate positions, including my current one. I also asked it to list what each project role should focus on, and it presented me with an insightful and accurate list of priorities – all of which were spot on.
  3. Articulate articles. I asked to write a humorous blog on navigating potholes in Fiji. The result was unbelievably good.

So, how is it going to change my role in 2023?

Data strategy is a significant part of what I do. To establish customer data goals and vision, we send out a survey with open-ended questions. I asked ChatGPT what else we should add, and within seconds it provided a list of relevant, value-adding questions. (We’ll also use the chatbot to analyse their responses and generate an accurate synopsis). ChatGPT can easily and rapidly ingest documents of significant length for breakfast – and spit out accurate summaries of critical points within minutes. It can even further summarise the summaries into well-articulated, bite-sized content.

The potential of ChatGPT is astounding – and there is so much more that it can do, right down to writing seamless Python code. I'm not saying we won't carefully review what ChatGPT does, but the time it saves will allow me (and my team) to add more value to our customers' data strategies. The bottom line is that it will revolutionise everything we do – every company and every person. So I’m more than happy to be counted as being on the ChatGPT bandwagon.

Wouter de Vos
ANZ Practice Manager Data and Analytics


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