Is your cloud journey taking you in the right direction?

As CIO, security, stability, efficiency, and innovation are key considerations for your technology environment – balanced with the need to ‘keep the lights on.’ While we’d like to say there’s one ‘right’ destination on your cloud journey, it differs by organisation.

Still on-premises?

Even a couple of years without maintenance or upgrades can quickly transform a stable on-premises environment into an unsupported one fraught with risk. This also means you are unlikely to meet stakeholder expectations of high performance, up-to-date security features and functionality, let alone deliver innovation and scalability.

Conversely, a well-maintained on-premises environment can be leveraged as part of a hybrid environment – especially if you have legacy applications that you need to run.

In the cloud, but needing to optimise?

You’re in the cloud. So, as long as you have access to the requisite expertise and knowledge, it’s theoretically a breeze to pivot to meet new business requirements and initiatives.

But you’re also in a position where cost containment is critical. With generative AI promising to drive efficiency and productivity on the one hand but using significantly more computing resources on the other, cloud cost will become an even bigger consideration. You may also be paying the price for the fast and loose deployment approach often used in the initial rush to adopt the cloud – which not only caused compliance and security issues but failed to deploy workloads cost-effectively.

Have you overprovisioned cloud resources? Can you get to grips with the ROI of your cloud assets? Only by going through an optimisation process and fully understanding your current state and services through a single pane of glass can you identify where you can pare back unnecessary costs.

(If you’d like to know more about optimising your cloud environment, download our new Cloud Optimisation eBook.)

Considering hybrid cloud?

Depending on your environment’s maturity, moving to a hybrid cloud model potentially offers the best of both worlds – cloud and on-premises.
You may already be aware of the noise surrounding the expense and potential security vulnerabilities associated with using a public cloud platform. But you’ll be equally aware of the value proposition.

This is where your partner’s expertise comes to the fore. With a readiness assessment and workload analysis, transitioning to a hybrid cloud model (including addressing any internal skills gap) can ensure cost certainty as well as the ability to innovate, flex, and scale.

Unsure where to next? If your cloud journey is stalled or uncertain, talking to a trusted advisor about the direction forward is essential to gain an unbiased view.

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Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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