Why predictability isn’t boring

While predictability may not delight you in other aspects of your life, as a CEO running a business, you probably find it has considerable appeal. And that fondness is likely closely followed by your appreciation of effective risk management and organisational transparency.

Your customers also value these same attributes. They want to know what to expect from your business and feel confident that your service will live up to their expectations every time.

Maintaining customer loyalty requires all data at your team’s fingertips to ensure the service ball is never dropped. It’s about making sure that you and your customers never feel your organisation is under-resourced and unable to meet the service levels your business has built its reputation on.

To improve predictability – and therefore business outcomes – using solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your service centre helps achieve excellent transparency of your adherence to SLAs. Especially as applied to crucial metrics like first-call resolution rates and efficient tracking of your cost to serve. With new Microsoft technologies like Copilot, you can re-define where you can make efficiency gains within your organisation, often at no extra cost to you – for example, by using AI to proactively provide your agents with relevant information so they don’t need to waste time searching knowledge articles, and to then draft the email response on their behalf with your agents simply having to verify the source of the answer and then to click send, it truly is that simple.

As CEO, you’ll have doubtless cut your teeth on the mantra of ‘doing more with less’ – and in these times, it’s even more crucial. If you’re not looking into these smarter tools, your competitors will be. And if you’re nervous using these technologies will mean your staff leave, think again. Over 89% of Copilot customers’ employees have responded their roles are now more satisfying and rewarding with Copilot in place! The truth is, you could lose valuable team members without it, as humans simply do not like doing the mundane, repetitive tasks that traditional service roles require.  

By using Dynamics 365 to deliver better customer service, you also drive internal productivity and external satisfaction. For starters, first-call resolution using Copilot translates to around a 9% improvement, and by serving up the right information at the right time, the average resolution time reduces to under a minute.

You can also expect significant transparency gains in key business areas – particularly service and sales. When you're talking sales pipeline, being able to predict what will happen next month, or next quarter, is critical in this volatile economic climate. With Dynamics 365, you’ll understand very quickly if your teams are on the right track, where people use their time, and to what effect, who your superstars are and how you can use them as models to proliferate this success across the whole organisation.

So, outcomes are more controlled and predictable. And in times of challenge, when you already have your hands full, that’s not boring at all.

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2023 September
Great outcomes start with great conversations


Great outcomes start with great conversations

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