Why managed services let you focus on your day job

The burden of the IT Manager is a heavy one. You need to keep the organisation happy, effectively manage your team, and deliver user happiness through timely support and innovation. However, like most managers, a lack of resources but an overabundance of work is an ongoing battle.  

Open all hours 

Keeping the business lights on – well into the small hours if not 24/7 - requires its fair share of mundane tasks like general maintenance of IT systems, cybersecurity, patch and endpoint management, licence compliance, network intrusion monitoring, and vulnerability management.  

There’s always a lot to do, and rarely enough people on hand to do it all promptly. In addition, some of these essential tasks need to be done outside of business hours (think late at night and over weekends) to minimise the impact on business users or customers. Which, of course, doesn’t tend to make you popular or your team happy. 

Stick to your day job 

Using an MSP (Managed Services Provider) removes the burden from your already busy team and ensures they can stay focused on their day job.  

By addressing typical issues like time-sensitive break/fix issues, Microsoft 365 management, email management and data back-up – through to providing a 24/7 network monitoring service - you and your team can be confident the business is in good hands.   

Your MSP focuses entirely on helping you meet your organisational goals and standards. They can either take on projects for you so as not to overburden your team, or free them up from BAU tasks so they, and you, can become more involved in more interesting and strategic initiatives. It’s a win-win either way.  

Stand-ins and specialists 

Staff augmentation by your MSP is another major business benefit for any IT Manager short on resources but not on work.  

The time and effort impact on your team of maternity leave, long-term sickness, or holiday leave is amplified when you’re running a lean team – especially if the person who is absent has a specialist skillset. You may also have resourcing gaps in terms of hands on deck, experience, or capability when introducing new products or technologies – for example, undertaking a cloud migration, security upgrade, or full enterprise architecture review.  

Your MSP can work alongside your team to supplement their skillset in their hour of need, or work on and complete these projects in their entirety. So, an absent team member or a new project is no longer the challenge it could have been. And working weekends and nights (crossing fingers) becomes a thing of the past. 

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