The art of balancing IT resources to best business effect

“Do less, be more.” – Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Author 

If you are like most CIOs, you are likely acutely aware of the need to have your services well balanced between an MSP (Managed Services Provider) and your internal IT operations. 

Today’s IT departments are under constant pressure to adapt – and fast. They need to innovate to keep up with changing technology, which is always a challenge when also tasked with the BAU operational requirements necessary to keep the business lights on. 

The other challenge, of course, is upskilling and training. Just finding a good time to take an already busy IT professional off the tools to learn is tricky. (As is finding coverage for holidays, sick days, maternity leave and more.)  

This is where one of the biggest business benefits of having a managed services partner comes into play. As MSPs invest in subject matter experts who work across a wide range of customers and industries, and are exposed to multiple technologies, they are constantly learning on the job and staying at the top of their game.   

From a CIO perspective, it provides the opportunity to balance the need to innovate and turn long-term strategies into reality while maintaining operational stability within the business. So, you can do less but be more. With your IT team able to stay focused on their core roles, they don’t need to spread their time too thinly, do more than they’re comfortable with or capable of, and are less stressed. As they’re more likely to stay longer, it reduces the cost and effort of recruitment. 

As any CIO who has tried to increase the size of their IT team or bring on new capabilities knows, skilled and certified resources are hard to find – and more expensive than ever. A case in point is the worldwide shortfall of cybersecurity specialists. According to CybersecurityDive, ‘the global cybersecurity workforce grew to encompass 4.7 million people, reaching its highest-ever levels, according to (ISC)2 2022 workforce study.’ However, the same study found that “there is still a need for more than 3.4 million security professionals, an increase of over 26% from 2021’s numbers.” In these instances, those with the biggest budgets typically win.  

Certainly, for a 12-36 month project, it can be more cost-effective to outsource to your MSP and let them provide the skills for the job. Using a trusted MSP also enables you to backfill the gaps in your team, so you’re not limited by available resources or challenged to bring in short-term consultants. As MSP resources are in effect on call, you only pay for what you use and need – making outsourcing an excellent strategic decision. 

It's easier to balance what needs to be done every day with long-term plans, or even one-off projects, when you have access to trained and experienced people. With a well-balanced contingent of IT resources, there’s no stopping you from turning your business’s potential into reality.  

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2023 October
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